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  • How did Melvin Calvin receive the call? There are so many different accounts. The story I went for is that his wife received the information, and relayed it to her husband, as per this article from the time. 

I had the time of the call coming in on the 1st of Nov, as he received the call supposedly at 4am in west Virginia. I got the times wrong by an hour, as the time difference in California should have meant the call came in the close hour of the 1st of Nov. Also, they all arrived on the 31st of Oct, and the call came after the first day. I didn’t realise Frank Drake was counting the next day as the first day. So, for future editions, this has been changed to the 2nd of Nov. 


  • Right - this is a fuck up. And in these horrible times, I really truly apologise for this. Struve was Ukranian. Russia has him down as “Russian-American astronomer known for his contributions to stellar spectroscopy, notably the discovery of the widespread distribution of hydrogen and other elements in space.” what I failed to spot was that he was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, Russian Empire [now Kharkiv, Ukraine], an I am truly sorry to anyone who saw this an thought “you fucknut” 

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Melvin Calvin’s wife takes the call 


Melvin Calvin: Nobel-Winning Chemist and SETI Scientist Wannabe

Su Shu Huang -

Philip Morrison -

Bernard M Oliver -

Otto Struve -

Dana Atchley -

Carl Sagan -

Frank Drake vampire story: 

Lilly/Dolphin Intelligence/Language/Handjobs - The dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-funded project that went wrong | Dolphins | The Guardian

Monkey Orgasms -

Lilly work on decompression -

Aliens underwater -

Lilly invents the Floatation Tank -

Lilly meets ECCO -

Lilly buys the property in 1959: 

PICTURE LINK - Plan of St Thomas Lab showing flooded cohabitation areas -

The Cetation Nation manifesto: 

Elvar speaks to Sagan -
Dolphin Orgasms (Margaret Howe’s words) -

Margaret & Peter -

Dolphin Medal/Pin - Greek coin -

Mr French Beverage -


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