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Huge apologies to the Tompkins family. Sometimes with these characters, who are involved in the world of pseudo-science you (I) mistakenly lump them into believing all the classic controversial opinions. Tompkins wrote a book about the sentience of plants, he made plans to look for Atlantis. When I saw a review that mentioned that Tompkins went into the theory that the pyramids were used as landing strips for UFOs, and then another article that mentioned a possible alien inside the pyramid, I assumed that Tompkins believed the ancient alien theory. It’s the opposite - he labels those as pseudoscience. I’m an idiot, and I apologise wholeheartewdly to the late Peter Tompkins and, again, to his family. 

The process of the pesticide machine is more complicated than my casual telling of it. They deal with pests on their field by beaming the energy signature of pesticides pasted onto photographs of their fields instead. 


I said Cleve worked for the CIA for a decade, turns out it was just a few years. 


On Cleve’s first moment with the plant in his office. Holy shit guys, there are so many version - in some he burns the plant, in others he doesn’t, in some the plants goes wild, in some it doesn’t. In some he waters it where it is, in others, he takes it to the sink to water. These are just a few. I went with a version that I’ve decided I don’t like “the leaf passing out” so for future editions I’ve cut out the ending of the story, as, so far as I can tell, there is no real ending to this story. 


Re: Sarah Darwin’s tale. This story should specify that it was a month-long experiment, and that the plant grew 1.6 cms taller than the tallest of the two control plants. During the fact checking process, an article in the Telegraph (link below in the sources). Said that it was taller than all other plants, and I unfortunately took that as the fact. 



Kew Gardens were first built in the 1700s by the Royals. When I say that it was founded in 1840, I am referring to the company and the operation it became. Like a business taking over another business. Kew Gardens as we know it, was given to the public in 1840, hence the founding of the institution that we know it as today - annnyyyyywaaaaaay, that’s not why we’re here - were here because I meant to say the plant is OVER 240 years old. And for some inexplicable reason, I said it was from the USA when in fact it was from South Africa. These have been corrected for all other formats.

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Charles shakes plants branch and wishes it well -

Wood Wide Web -

Wood Wide Web Cyber Crime -




Monica Gagliano gets advice from an oak tree 

Monica Galiano bio at the Uni of Southern Cross,the%20Templeton%20World%20Charity%20Foundation

Lucid Dreams - Peru - Shamans - and Hallucinogens

Plant Bioacoustics

Plants move towards the sound of water -



The Secret Life of Plants - 

Sold over a million copies? This guy thinks so 

Tompkins Secrets Of The Great Pyramid -
Christopher Bird 

“and how mustard seeds can communicate with distant galaxies. “ 

Thomas Galen Heironymous & Pesticides 


Cleve Backster

Cleve Backster -

Cleve Backster - Hypnosis of General’s Secretary -

Backster School of Lie Detecting -

Cleve thinks about burning the plant 

Plants ‘Pass out’/’faint’

Plant Police Force -

Aristotle -
Darwin - The Power of Movement in Plants -

Darwin - A prolonged note on the bassoon -

His Fool’s experiment 

Sarah Darwin - Tomato Plants -

Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants -

Stevie Wonder Album availability  - 

Cleve Backster Plant Lie Detector -

Advertising makes journo angry - 

Masturbatorium etc. -

The Oldest Potted Plant On Earth


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