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Three stories are slightly amagamated here. Geller did a few European tours in Europe in 1974. The pregnancy happened in early '74, and then the album happened later that year: the policeman reporting his keys bending happened but in a separate broadcast to the other two. Though it is possible one of the hundreds of people reported that the album bent their items could have been an officer of the law. 


Chingis should read Cingris, and does appear in Scottish mythology as well as Irish. 


When I say tours around the island, I mean boat tours around the island. The word boat seems to have disappeared somewhere. 



The haunted beach was designed by Copperfield. 

Siegfried and Roy 

I say their careers began when they met as magicians on a cruise ship. This should read as they began their careers as magicians on a cruise ship, where they met. 


Okay - here we go, possibly the most monumental mess up of this book. A source led me to believe that Shirley MacLaine believed that Roy Horn died on the night of the attack from Mantacore and was replaced by a look-a-like. It’s true that while she most likely believed this, she believed it happened years before. So this means that the person mauled that night in 2003 was a clone. The article I took this from was incorrect, however on further investigation, the book it came from, which is cited as THE Siegfried and Roy book got it wrong too. They say the clone was his brother Ray. He didn’t have a brother called Ray. Perhaps Ray was a nickname. However, the book doesn’t mention a “Ray” anywhere else. Another article says Ray was his cousin, but I can’t track this down either. Anyway, apologies to Shirley MacLaine & Ray Horn, if he's out there. 

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Woman sues Geller 

I have conflated the story of the woman with another event later that year when the album released was caused hundreds of people to call in. The police officer is hangover sentence from a previously cut bit of text, and also relates to another broadcast. 


Noweigen defence minister asks about rockets 

Peace at gorbechev and disarmament 

Stopping the ship 

Buys lamb island in 2009 

The size of lamb island, Egyptian treasure, brought over by Scota 

Did Scota exist 


Dowsing to find the treasure 

Buried Albert Einstein’s orb there 



Drawing the lines from two place 

He purchases 1 island and then snaps up the surrounding 10 other islands 

Quote about it 

Out with his cutlass 

Copperfield quote to Reuters 

Biologist and others hired 


“Gollner also became privy to other odd things happening on these islands, like a haunted beach where, Gollner was told, Sherpas were going to make it snow. “

  • This is in relation to the fact he was creating myths about his island. It wasn’t really haunted, it was his myth creating that it would be haunted

Designing the phone manual 


Gollner’s book and dipping leaves into the water. Also in this book is the thing about the telephone directories 



Need to get to the bottom of if he ddied three times during surgery. Must have ead it somewhere.  - this says “at least once” and that his heart stopped ‘multiple times’

October 3rd 2003, Roy’s birthday 

Microphone tap on face, Tiger bit into his neck and dragged him off stage, fire extinguishers,about%20his%20version%20of%20events

The quote 

Grace Kelly & The Cheetah / Pope & St Francis’s Shin bone

£1billion in ticket sales

His skull being removed and put into his body on the second surgery 

Mirages Secret Garden

White Bengal Tigers

Mantacore & The Beehive Hairdo

Meeting on a cruise and smuggling a cheetah on board (Roy was not the ship magician at this point. Was he into magic?) 

St. Francis of Assisi bone as a present 

Gracce Kelly party, tiger Chico goes into the kitchen, 1 billion in ticket sales 

Mantecore is a ‘ghost’ tiger. Rare once every 100 years 

Questions over the spelling of the tigers name -it was reported as Montecore, but Roy Horn in the obituary for the animal gave it as mantecore 

Steve Wynn - beehive - and quote


Homophobia attack 

Counterterrorism las vegas department

Roy Horn death covid 19 

The ending of this chapter needs fixing

 Shirley MacLaine apparently believed rumours that (her friend) Roy from Siegfried and Roy died in the tiger attack in Vegas and that Siegfried had hired a lookalike to take his place to keep their Vegas show going 

Ultrasonic attacks


Snagged testicle 



Theory of animal urine in the woman’s hair 

Mouth odour 

Shirley McClaine 


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