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  • Pg. 37 … which was designed to exclusively stock the sperm of Nobel laureates (but which later expanded to include other so-called geniuses.)

  • Pg 37 - although, following a huge backlash from the public, they all pulled out and had their samples removed from the bank before any of it was used. 

  • Nobel Prize - So the story goes, this is how he founded them. Though many have questioned if this story is absolutely true. 

  • More Nobelitis candidates: Marie and Pierre Currie, 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics 1903 (with Mary winning a second one in 1911) 
    After winning the award both supported the psychic medium Eusapia Palladino. Just two years after they jointly won their Nobel Prizes, the Curries were attending seances held by Palladino. For Pierre, he thought the paranormal world might reveal “the source of an unknown energy that would reveal the secret of radioactivity.” While Marie didn’t entirely express if she believed the methods of Palladino, she did spend many years seemingly in contact with Pierre. At Pierre’s funeral she placed her head on his coffin and, as she reported in her diary: “I spoke to you. I told you that I loved you and that I had always loved you with all my heart.” and “It seemed to me that from this cold contact of my forehead with the casket something came to me, something like a calm and an intuition that I would yet find the courage to live.”

  • MARK SAYS - Pauli would often sit in lectures with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. He would then start shaking his head when he disagreed with the speaker - the more vehemently he shook his head, the more vehemently he disagreed. The joke goes that when he died, and he saw God in heaven he asked about "the meaning of 1/137" and God said "Ah!" and started to write on a blackboard, several seconds later Pauli started shaking his head. ``

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  • The Story of Alfred Nobel is one that is told a lot. And no one is quite sure if it is true. I have clarified that for the future editions of this book. 

  • My casual writing style may have given the impression here that 217 children were fathered by the three Nobel prize winners sperm - this is not the case, all were removed before they had the chance to be used. Again, this has been clarified in future editions.

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Nobel Prize parking's%20Prize%20For%20Nobel%20Winners%3A%20Free%20Parking%20The%20University%20of,cost%20about%20%241%2C500%20a%20year 

Nobel Prizes founded in 1901

So the story goes, this is how he founded them. Though many have questioned if this story is absolutely true. 

John Paul Satre lobsters - 

Denies the Nobel Prize 

List of the 31 people who have/had Nobelitis:

Linus Pauling 


Brian Josephson 

Luc Montagnier 

Conscience of Science -

Number 137,%2C%20and%20Oganesson%20(118). 
Michael Brooks and Richard Feynman's%20not%2042%20%E2%80%93%20it's%201,to%20us%20with%20no%20understanding%E2%80%9D. 
Feynman on 1/137,obvious%20reason%20elsewhere%20in%20physics 
University Of Nottingham Professor
Universe is 13.7 billion years old
Alpher, Bethe, Gamow

John Bardeen transistor 
Pauli Effect coined 
Pauli effect Princeton 
Pauli effect chandelier and train 
Otto Stern and the energy building up in him 
Pauli - Fludd/Flood
Book written with Jung 
Death in Room 137 


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