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  • It felt a bit unfair claiming that Kinison was high while in the car. However, according to his autopsy and the comments made by a nurse, this was the case. The nurse I spoke to went off the autopsy report. “He was high as fuck” was the conclusion 

  • Agatha Christie checked into a hydropathic hotel in Harrogate and was spending her evenings dancing to a band, not a song, called the Happy Hydro Boys, 

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Conan Doyle Seance

Conan Doyle Judges Bodybuilders -

Conan Doyle ? Spiritualists National Union -

Buried in the Garden -

Agatha Christie/Happy Hydro Boys -

Conan Arthur Doyle Funeral -

‘Gone To Australia’ -

"Questioned as to whether Sir Arthur had spoken before his death of communicating with his family after his death, Mr. Adrian Conan Doyle said: "Why, of course. My father fully believed that when he passed over he would continue to keep in touch with us. All his family believe so too.

"There is no question that my father will often speak to us just as he did before he passed over. His death is a great loss, but only in a physical sense. I know perfectly well that I am going to have conversations with him. We shall miss his footsteps and his physical presence, but that is all. Otherwise, he might have only have gone to Australia. We will always know when he is speaking, but one has to be careful because there are practical jokers on the other side as there are here. It is quite possible that they may attempt to impersonate him."




Roald Dahl’s last words 


Shackleton words of 4 not 3 


Peter Suderfeld 


Frank Smythe sharing a biscuit / 911 


Peter Hillary north and south poles

Peter Hillary mother 


Joseph Henry Green pronouncing himself dead$002f$002fSD_ASSET$002f0$002fSD_ASSET:372205/one?qu=%22rcs%3A+E000018%22&rt=false%7C%7C%7CIDENTIFIER%7C%7C%7CResource+Identifier&h=0 


Mark Says:

For a few days before his death, songwriter George Jones lay in a hospital bed, suffering from complications from a respiratory infection, unable to speak. But just before he passed, as his wife was conferring with a doctor at his bedside, the Country-Western legend spoke.

“We were standing at the foot of the bed, and George just hadn’t said nothing, and all of a sudden, he opened his eyes, and I was fixin’ to go toward him, and the doctor kind of held me back, and George said, ‘Well, hello there.’ He said, ‘I’ve been looking for you... My name’s George Jones.'”


New Zealand sailor Adrian Hayter was another who experienced almost miraculous intervention during a solo yacht voyage to New Zealand from England in the 1950s. During a monsoon storm, Hayter suffered three weeks of near continual soaking, bad salt-water boils all over his body, and then lacerations to his inner thighs while he valiantly fought to prevent the mast from breaking. The pain and desperation caused him to sink into a deep depression, and he felt that ‘the end of endurance was near’.

But then, a mysterious blue-eyed companion appeared on deck, began to issue instructions, provided moral support and even asked if there were any eggs for breakfast. The intervention snapped Hayter out of his depression, enabling him to carry on.

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