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  • Mullis also hypothesised that the Raccoon was a hologram, though I’m not too sure what he believed the hologram meant. Mullis found, following the raccoon encounter that he was afraid to travel to a specific bit of wood in his property. He suspected that perhaps that is where something bad must have happened. Mullis one day decided to confront the evil vibes of the wood, with his gun, by spraying bullets randomly into it. 

  • Here’s a dark extra story from the O.J. Simpson court case when Mullis was involved: Mullis recounts in his autobiography a time while sitting in court with O.J., that an attractive witness was called to the stand. As she was testifying, Mullis slipped a note to O.J. asking if he could get her number off of him.

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  • I say that the hair belonging to Eva Braun showed Jewish ancestry. This is according to the fact that the hair came from her brush, and the DNA showed Jewish ancestry. It is yet to be confirmed via a genetic source that this is conclusively Braun’s hair. 

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